How do I get started?

A brief description in steps, how to use this portal and explore all the available APIs :

  • 1. Register for a developer account here.
  • 2. After your account is approved, you can create your first app . Your app will receive an API Key used for authorization
  • 3. You can also try out our APIs in our Console.

Note :- To use the Make Call API, you need to register your SupreReceptionist number for receiving notifications from our Streaming API. On how to do this, please refer the Notifications API section API Reference page or watch the tutorial video available above.

These APIs are only available for SuperReceptionist accounts with complete KYC information.
If you do not have a SuperReceptionist account, then create one here. Once you have created an account, you will find your SR API key under ‘Plan Settings’.


SuperReceptionist uses API Key Authorization. This means, for authentication, you can use the personal API key provided by us. Learn where to find the key here. Use SR API Key in Authorization in header

Access Key

API requires your developer app access key to be added in each API URL. Use the developer access key as x-api-key in header



The URL parameter "Channel" is used to control the request rates for all APIs. It must be a part of the Request URL for every call made using the API. Please note that this is case sensitive and must be passed in camel case only (Eg. Basic, Advance etc.). By default, channel is assigned a value equal to "Basic", which corresponds to 50 request per second. Other available values are as below:-

Channel Name Request Rates (per second)
Basic 50
Advance 100
Preminum 200
Enterprise 300